JUNE 17 - 19 | LAS VEGAS, NV


June 19 | 9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Interactive, full-day workshops take place on the last day of the conference and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Reserve your seat by selecting the workshop that you would like to attend on the package page when registering.
Note: Workshops are INCLUDED with the Conference Pass. 

Workshop A | Recognizing Red Flags: Working TOGETHER to Prevent Violence
K-12 and Higher Ed

Part 1: Follow Up Session for the Keynote Address

Hudgens and an administrator from her school, will allow for a question and answer session from the audience concerning the incident that occurred on September 28, 2016. This allows audience members a more personalized interaction with Hudgens and a member of her administrative team to ask questions they might have had during the delivery of the keynote.

Part 2: Why Every Relationship Matters
Attendees will re-evaluate the way in which they connect with others. While focusing on how every life we encounter is an intended meeting, this presentation demonstrates why allowing love and encouragement to be part of our interactions with others can have potentially life-altering outcomes. Molly discusses de-escalation techniques, the value of relationships, and what counselors may see in an at-risk individual that an SRO or teacher might miss.

Part 3: The Best Plan You Hope to Never Use: Safety and Crisis Training for Your Campus
This presentation focuses on creating a safety team for your organization and implementing a safety and crisis plan for how your staff and leadership would respond to a crisis at your facility.

Part 4: Recognizing Red Flags: Working TOGETHER to Prevent Violence
Hudgens’ training, which has been utilized to train law enforcement, juvenile court, and educators across the country, focuses on the three types of teen shooters, how to recognize them, and how to intervene before they become violent perpetrators.  Learn common mistakes administrators, principals, and law enforcement make when dealing with troubled kids.

Part 5: Transitioning Students
Molly will discuss the importance of sharing student data when changing schools or advancing on to college. Learn who to contact and what reports and conversations should be made in order to alert schools of an at-risk student.

Attendees Will:
  1. Re-evaluate their relationships with students and how to improve their interactions.
  2. Learn how to recognize at risk students and how to intervene before a tragedy occurs.
  3. Understand the importance of and procedures for communicating student behavioral concerns when transitioning schools or advancing on to college.
Workshop B | Combating Social Media Threats: Digital Threat Assessment Training
K-12 and Higher Ed

Violence in schools often has precursors leaked through social media posts. Sam will thoroughly address the challenge of knowing where, how, and when to find this critical information during this workshop. 
There are many simple and free online tools and techniques all those responsible for ensuring the safety in your schools and campuses need to be using on a regular basis. Attendees will be assembled into investigate teams and given a mock real-life scenario that encourages immersive engagement and hands-on practice. The final practical assignment will consist of working collaboratively as a team to navigate the realms of the social media world by using practical techniques to produce a digital baseline report. A report template and a standard operating procedure checklist will be provided. You will not attend a more up-to-date presentation in terms of accessing social media. 
Attendees Will:
  1. Learn current social media platforms, how to respond to threat-related behaviors, and ways to find geo-locationally relevant posts for emergency management and public safety.
  2. Have the confidence and competency in being able to independently establish a threat makers' digital baseline.
  3. Find accurate and relevant digital information as it is typically represented in a real-life digital threat assessment data gathering scenario.

Workshop C | Manage the Media Like a Pro: Customized Training and Practical Exercises
K-12 and Higher Ed

The stakes are extremely high for organizations to ensure they’re operating in the most transparent, timely and media-ready position possible. Having potential spokespeople prepared to face the cameras and microphones benefits not only the employee, but also the organization as a whole. This workshop will include mock news conferences, designed to best position employees for today’s dynamic and potentially damaging media landscape. Emmy award-winning former TV news reporter, Julie Parker, will incorporate the essential functions for managing the media during times of chaos and calm.

BONUS: The workshop will be followed by complimentary phone consultations on an as-needed basis as determined by the participants to revisit any topics reviewed or request general guidance on a new issue.

Attendees Will:
  1. Understand how to build relationships with the media, beyond just reporters, knowing how and whether to go off the record, capitalizing upon existing relationships with members of the media to your organization’s advantage, and ensuring media coverage that at a minimum is fair and, at best, flattering.
  2. Learn how to develop successful soundbites for TV, radio, print and online.
  3. Handle challenging questions posed by reporters, eliminate the fear of facing a camera and microphone, tips on how to take control of an interview, instilling confidence in interviewees.
Workshop D | Staff, This is a Lockdown! Planning for and Surviving the Active Threat Event
K-12 and Higher Ed
Sponsored by Marks USA

The purpose of a lockdown is to secure staff, students, and visitors into the nearest secured facility and minimize their exposure to a potential threat and/or to allow them other survivable options such as duck, cover, asses and move, evacuation, hiding, running, crawling, playing dead, the power of your voice or fighting for their life is necessary, during a potentially lethal threat situation. The lockdown plan, when implemented, serves to minimize the risk of injury or death to students, staff, faculty and any visitors who are on campus at the time of the threat.  

All lockdown type situations will be covered with in-depth discussions on audible alarm system options, announcement strategies, practicing realistic lockdown plans, building and campus design and layouts including open environment and outdoor situations. Other topics include locking mechanisms, protective glass options,  student, staff and parent notification systems and staff responsibilities during a lockdown. Jesus will convince you that any size institution, regardless of its size or number of buildings on it, can develop and implement an effective lockdown plan!

This will be one of the most intensive, interactive, educational and inspiring workshops you will ever attend. It will bring you heightened awareness and knowledge of how to respond to an Active Lethal Threat event with a realistic response plan. The information provided in this training will be based on actual shooting/killer events and empirical evidence so plan on making changes to your lockdown plan!

BONUS! Bring your lockdown plan with you so you can make updates and changes during the workshop!

Attendees Will:
  1. Understand what a realistic lockdown plan should be and see how schools are currently planning for comfort…not for a crisis.
  2. Use the tools necessary to increase their survival rate based on actual lethal threat events and the empirical evidence gathered from years of research.
  3. Learn the concept of L.E.A.S.T., Lockdown, Evacuation and Survival Tactics, 8 empirically proven tactics that will become your personal survival tool kit! 

The Conference was very informative and had practical roundtable sessions. I recommend this conference to any Head of Security. Its a great way to network with fellow professionals.

Register now for the opportunity to learn and network with those responsible for making their schools and colleges safer.

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