Who Exhibits?

Research and Engage with Solution Providers

Visit with innovative companies looking to share the latest technologies and solutions to help you make your campus safer, including:

  • Access Control/Key Management/Locks
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Emergency Communications/Two-Way Radios
  • ID Badging/Visitor Management
  • Mass Notification
  • Personal Safety App
  • Emergency Lighting/Call Boxes
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Metal/Explosive/Radiation/Substance Detection
  • Fire Alarms/Sprinklers
  • Electronic Security Systems Integration
  • Parking Management/Traffic Control
  • Loss Prevention/Asset Tracking Solutions/Gates/Turnstiles/Bollards/Barriers
  • Panic Alarms/Patrol Vehicles (Cars, Bicycles, etc.)
  • Laptops, PDAs and Other Mobile Equipment
  • Uniforms/Apparel/Gear
  • Weapons (Lethal/Less-Lethal)
  • Window Film
  • Narcotics Theft Prevention Equipment
  • Backup Generators and Power Management
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection
  • Architectural/Engineering/Construction Services
  • Dispatch Systems and Software 
  • Central Stations
  • Background Checks
  • Contract Guard Services
  • Plus more!
"If you want to meet end users from K-12, higher education, campus police
and fire personnel, then you need to attend this show."

-- Jay Foster, CTS, Area Systems Engineer, TOA Electronics, Inc.


The Conference was very informative and had practical roundtable sessions. I recommend this conference to any Head of Security. Its a great way to network with fellow professionals.

Register now for the opportunity to learn and network with those responsible for making their schools and colleges safer.

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